Conference Proceedings

CDN coordinates and participates in public discourse across the cultural, academic and government sectors. Proceedings and papers from Public Forums and Artists’ Talks as well as presentations CDN staff have made at conferences organised by others are available here.

From 2002-2012 CDN hosted a number of major conferences. This page lists proceedings from these conferences. Information about the Researchers’ Network 2009-2012 is also available here.

Making Culture Count: Rethinking measures of cultural vitality, wellbeing and citizenship international conference, Melbourne, May 2012.

Exploring the burgeoning field of cultural and community indicators.

Culture: A New Way of Thinking for Local Government International Conference, Melbourne, October 2011.
On how the inclusion of culture with social, environment and economic policies strengthens local governance.

ReGenerating Community: Arts, Community & Governance National Conference, Melbourne, September 2009.
This conference addressed ways in which global issues are being addressed locally through collaborations between artists, communities and local government.

Expanding Cultures: Arts and Local Government conference, Melbourne, July 2007.
This conference focussed on the contribution of arts and cultural development to the strength and well-being of local communities.

The Fourth Pillar Conference, Melbourne, December 2004.
This conference explored ideas around the four pillar model of public planning; considering ‘cultural’ factors along with economic, environmental and social in our planning for sustainability. Report available here.

Beyond Cultural Policy Conference, Melbourne, July 2003.
This symposium investigated cultural vitality as an indicator of community and organisational sustainability and well-being. Conference proceedings available here.

Conference presentations 2002 – 2004

The following presentations were made by CDN staff and associates at a range of public events. Jon Hawkes’ presentations were made as part of his Community Cultural Development Board Fellowship from the Australia Council.

First International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability, Honolulu, 2005.
Judy Spokes participated at this conference as an Advisory Board member, co-host and leader of Taking Circles. Papers are available from the Sustainability-Journal website.

Cultural Future of Small Cities conference, Kamloops, Canada, 2005.
Judy made a presentation about our Small Towns Big Picture project at the Cultural Future of Small Cities conference.

Community, culture and creativity, April 2004
Jon Hawkes’ presentation at the Community Development, Human Rights and Grassroots conference hosted by the Centre for Citizenship & Human Rights, Deakin University
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Social Plan, Cultural Policy, November 2003
Jon Hawkes’ address to Seminar and AGM, Metropolitan Public Libraries Association of NSW
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The Link Between Culture and Environment, October 2003
Jon Hawkes’ Keynote Speech at the Outback Summit, the 15th National Conference of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand held in Broken Hill.
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Community Music: The foundation of strengthening community and the starting point for unleashing community creativity, September 2003
Jon Hawkes, article in Shout!, the community music newsletter, 11 Sep 03
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Community Cultural Development according to Adams & Goldbard,
Jon Hawkes’ article for Artwork, Issue #56,
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The Challenge of Active Community Engagement, August 2003
Jon Hawkes’ presentation to ‘Grass Roots: communities, collections, councils’, a forum organised by Museums Australia (Victoria), the Public Galleries Association of Victoria & the Cultural Development Network Ian Potter Museum of Art
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Comments on Charles Landry’s ‘A Landscape of Urban Cultural Policies, August 2003
Jon Hawkes published on line,
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Understanding Culture, July 2003.
Jon Hawkes’ address to the Local Government Community Services Association of Australia National Conference. ‘Just & Vibrant Communities’ in Townsville.
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Understanding Culture, July 2003.
Jon Hawkes’ address to the City of Port Phillip / Cultural Development Network symposium, Beyond Cultural Policy: National Cultural Vitality Symposium at Gasworks Arts Park
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The Right to Participate, May 2003.
Jon Hawkes’ presentation at ‘A Different Edge’, an industry seminar held as part of the Art of Difference Festival at the Gasworks Arts Park.
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Shaping arts training in response to community needs, February 2003.
Jon Hawkes’ speech at ‘Creating Connections’, an arts industry forum hosted by ARTV & CREATE at the North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House.
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Creative Engagement, October 2002.
Jon Hawkes’ speech at ‘Groundswell’, Regional Arts Australia National Conference, Albury
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Delivering long term sustainable social change through the arts, October 2002.
Jon Hawkes’ speech to the ‘Social Inclusion & the Arts’ forum, Arts SA, Adelaide
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