Beyond Cultural Policy


Beyond Cultural Policy Conference

Melbourne, July 2003

Presented by the City of Port Phillip and the Cultural Development Network

Governments and organisations today are adjusting the way they determine the success of their communities. No longer is the economic bottom line considered the sole indicator. Social, environmental and, increasingly, cultural factors are acknowledged as having equal weight in determining policy and evaluating programs. The challenges and potential rewards for organisations, from global corporations to local governments, that integrate the cultural dimension as a core policy driver, are enormous. This symposium investigated cultural vitality as an indicator of community and organisational sustainability and well-being. It also considered avenues available to those wishing to incorporate cultural considerations within the policy frameworks of their organisations.

Conference Papers

A selection of papers was published in the Cultural Vitality supplement to the Autumn 2004 edition of the journal Overland.

Remaining papers are available as pdf documents from the City of Port Philip.

Donald Horne: Repertoires for Being Human
Jon Hawkes: Governance and Engagement
John Montgomery: Cultural Quarters, Examples And Success Factors
Barbara Norman: Cultural Vitality – Can it be Planned For?
Peter Browning: This is not an Arts Policy.!! Putting Culture and Creativity First
Dr Chris Dew: Material Culture/Migration Landscape/Merri Creek
Dr Lisanne Gibson: Cultural policy and the built environment- Cultural Vitality for Who?
Dr Michael Kennedy: Culture and the Sustainable Peninsula
Jenny Macaffer: The Hope Chest – In Search of the Human Spirit
Dr Chris McAuliffe: Acknowledging Subcultures
June Moorhouse: From Property to People to KPI’s: Fremantle’s Experience Managing Culture
Irene Verins: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation
Bronny Burger: Tranceplant – Synthesising Cultural and Environmental Aspirations
James Nagy, Fair Go For Rock Music: Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution
Stacey Anderson: The Newcastle Experience