Measurable outcomes of engagement in the cultural domain

This page offers a schema of measurable outcomes of cultural engagement in the cultural domain. The page should be read in conjunction with the pages on measurable outcomes in the social, economic, governance and environmental domains.

Outcomes of cultural engagement in the cultural domain posited here are informed by United Cities and Local Government’s Agenda 21 for Culture (2004) and Policy Statement on Culture (2010), that include heritage, memory, knowledge, diversity, beauty and creativity as significant cultural elements. The outcomes are therefore posited to have relevance for use by local governments around the world.

These have been created to be used consistently in cultural planning and evaluation, providing the opportunity for our sector to have a standard set of core data by which it can aggregate, analyse and understand the impacts of our work. The whole schema that covers five domains of public policy is the first to name the cultural outcomes that can lead to social, economic, environmental and governance outcomes of cultural activities.

The five outcomes are:

  1. Creativity stimulated
  2. Aesthetic enrichment experienced
  3. Knowledge, ideas and insight gained 
  4. Diversity of cultural expression appreciated
  5. Sense of belonging to a shared cultural heritage deepened

Evaluation methods suggested


The ‘five measurable outcomes of engagement in cultural development activities’ is attributed to the Cultural Development Network Ltd in partnership with the National Local Government Cultural Forum in Australia.

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