Evaluate your Cultural Development Plan

This page provides a tool for assessing new or existing Cultural Development Plans.

As each activity nominated in the Cultural Development Plan has an evaluation process associated with it, so should the overall Cultural Development Plan.  Assessing the success of the Cultural Development Plan and improving its next iteration is essential to building the capability, increased productivity and value of cultural development activities to the Council.

This schema is offered as a method of determining the effectiveness of a Cultural Development Plan. This evaluation process should occur at different times throughout the life of the plan: from when it is just written; as it is being used; and at the end of its life cycle.

  • When the Cultural Development Plan is just written, its structure and content can be evaluated against the principles in this Framework. More here
  • As the Cultural Development Plan is being used, its effectiveness can be evaluated in terms of its impact on staff members’ function and capacity. More here
  • At the end of the life cycle of the Cultural Development Plan, its effectiveness should be evaluated as part of the planning process.  More here