Presentations by Jon Hawkes

The following presentations and articles by former CDN Research Cultural Analyst, Jon Hawkes were made as part of his Community Cultural Development board fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts between 2002 and 2004.

December 2004: The Fourth Pillar Revisited: Key questions about cultural sustainability: ‘Let Them Eat Culture, or Here Comes Another Bandwagon’, Jon Hawkes’ address to The Fourth Pillar Conference for the Cultural Development Network > Download pdf

April 2004: ‘Community, culture and creativity’,  Jon Hawkes’ presentation at the Community Development, Human Rights and Grassroots conference hosted by the Centre for Citizenship & Human Rights, Deakin University > Download pdf

November 2003: Social Plan, Cultural Policy’, Jon Hawkes’ address to Seminar and AGM, Metropolitan Public Libraries Association of NSW > Download pdf

October 2003: ‘The Link Between Culture and Environment’, Jon Hawkes’ Keynote Speech at the Outback Summit, the 15th National Conference of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand held in Broken Hill. > Download pdf

September 2003: Community Music: The foundation of strengthening community and the starting point for unleashing community creativity, September 2003. Jon Hawkes, article in Shout!, the community music newsletter, 11 Sep 03 > Download pdf

August 2003: Community Cultural Development according to Adams & Goldbard. Jon Hawkes’ article for Artwork, Issue #56 > Download pdf

August 2003: The Challenge of Active Community Engagement, Jon Hawkes’ presentation to ‘Grass Roots: communities, collections, councils’, a forum organised by Museums Australia (Victoria), the Public Galleries Association of Victoria & the Cultural Development Network Ian Potter Museum of Art > Download pdf

August 2003: Comments on Charles Landry’s ‘A Landscape of Urban Cultural Policies’,  Jon Hawkes published> Download pdf

July 2003: Understanding Culture, Jon Hawkes’ address to the Local Government Community Services Association of Australia National Conference. ‘Just & Vibrant Communities’ in Townsville. > Download pdf

July 2003: Understanding Culture, Jon Hawkes’ address to the City of Port Phillip / Cultural Development Network symposium, Beyond Cultural Policy: National Cultural Vitality Symposium at Gasworks Arts Park > Download pdf

May 2003: The Right to Participate, May 2003. Jon Hawkes’ presentation at ‘A Different Edge’, an industry seminar held as part of the Art of Difference Festival at the Gasworks Arts Park. > Download pdf

February 2003: Shaping arts training in response to community needs, Jon Hawkes’ speech at ‘Creating Connections’, an arts industry forum hosted by ARTV & CREATE at the North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House. > Download pdf

October 2002: Creative Engagement, October 2002. Jon Hawkes’ speech at ‘Groundswell’, Regional Arts Australia National Conference, Albury > Download pdf

October 2002: Delivering long term sustainable social change through the arts, Jon Hawkes’ speech to the ‘Social Inclusion & the Arts’ forum, Arts SA, Adelaide > Download pdf