Environmental domain: Description

Sustainable built and natural environments

It is recognised that we are dependent on the natural world to sustain our lives. The natural world provides clean air and water; detoxifies pollutants, and provides raw materials for building, transport and food production. Landscapes, plants and animals have intrinsic value and enrich our lives by providing experiences and recreational opportunities. In urban settings, parks and gardens contribute to people’s sense of wellbeing. A community that values the environment minimises its impacts, uses resources wisely, and protects biodiversity. Renewable energy is used to power our lifestyles and industry, combined with reliable public transport networks and bicycle and walking paths, which reduce reliance on the car, minimising greenhouse gas emissions. New houses are built to incorporate sustainable design features and older houses are retrofitted to maximise efficiency. Waste is minimised, and waste and water recycled with the overall aim of reducing our ecological footprint to allow sustainable living