Economic domain: Description

Dynamic and resilient local economies

Dynamic and resilient local economies are required to sustain vibrant local communities. This recognises that work is vital for our wellbeing and, whether inside or outside the home, it makes a valuable contribution to our individual wellbeing and the economy. Local employment is highly desirable as it minimises the personal and environmental costs of travel. When people work locally they are embedded in the local community and are more inclined to contribute to the social life of the community and retail spending is retained. Wealth is distributed so that everyone’s basic needs are met, and quality of life is attained irrespective of advantage, disadvantage or circumstance. It is also recognised that development must be undertaken in a sustainable fashion with all environmental impacts minimised. Businesses pride themselves on being environmentally responsible. The economic theme is strongly tied to a skilled workforce and thus the education and skill levels of its citizens. It is envisioned that our schools will be dedicated to creating capable, confident, emotionally mature young people who are equipped to reach their full potential. Innovation and creativity are required if local economies are to thrive into the future.