Planning principles – Council example

In this on-line guide, we use the  fictional municipality of Wonderland Shire to provide examples of each step in the planning process.

The Wonderland Shire Council finalising the new Council Plan for four years and the CEO and executive team are working to align the resources and activities of the council with the plan.

One of many goals of the Council Plan is “Wonderland Shire is a desirable and preferred place to live in the region”.

The council recognises the importance of keeping families in the municipalities, and research shows that families with children, and the resources to move, make decisions to stay or leave as their children come to secondary school age.  The Council Plan consultations across Wonderland Shire indicate that prospects for their teenage children are important for many of the residents of the Shire.  Council believes that young people’s attitudes towards their home town in the shire is one of the factors in parents’ decisions about whether to stay or move. The council also wants to attract families and businesses from other regions to the Shire.

The Council Plan includes an objective of improving parents and teenagers’ attitudes towards their home town.

The arts and culture department are asked to respond to the Council Plan when preparing their four year cultural development plan.

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