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Our Services

Some councils and arts organisations wishing to embed this framework into their practice may be seeking more comprehensive support and advice than what is offered through our reference site. When this is the case, there are a number of support services CDN can provide, varying in levels of support including:

Consultancy Services and Training

CDN offers a consultancy service to governments, arts companies and institutions wishing to up-skill and embed the planning and evaluation framework into their practice. Services include research and evaluations, project and strategic planning and consultations. Our intention is to transfer knowledge about these frameworks to the sector, therefore all our services are designed and delivered to up-skill organisations and councils. With this approach, future iterations can be managed and implemented by practitioners experienced in working to the framework.

To get in touch with us please email  or call: 0474 890 971.


CDN offers pre-planning workshops to organisations wishing to adopt our Planning and Evaluation Frameworks.  Workshops are available both in person at your location or online.  Workshops will provide an overview of our frameworks as well as offer practical instruction on how you can use them to plan effectively.  In Australia, these workshops are supported by the funding that CDN receives from the Australia Council for the Arts, and in most cases are available to your organisation for free.

To get in touch with us please email or call: 0474 890 971.

Free Plan Doctor Service

CDN offers a Plan Doctor Service for all councils and arts organisations wishing to build their cultural development plan based on the CDN Framework. This is a free service and extends to email advice, over the phone advice, teleconference meetings and requesting feedback on draft plans. We encourage you to make contact in the early stages of developing a draft.

To get in touch with us please email or call: 0474 890 971.

Why Us?

CDN has established its planning and evaluation framework over five years of workshops and in collaboration with our national local government cultural sector. Since 2003, we have managed five major multi-year cultural and research projects which has informed this expertise. From 2013-2016 the framework was co-designed with cultural managers and planners from the local government sector. It is designed to assist managers to plan and communicate their activities, underpinned by an outcomes focus and evidence-informed practice.

The cultural development planning framework was endorsed by the National Local Government Cultural Forum (2013-2018) and is now adopted by councils in Australia.

The planning framework has been presented and adopted internationally through workshops in the Asia Pacific and through CDN’s international partnerships.

Our Frameworks

Created through years of research and consultation with the sector, our frameworks assist organisation to connect their projects and activities to goals within their organisation’s strategic plan, enables consideration of relevant evidence, articulates what projects intend to achieve and identifies key factors that lead to change (whether positive or negative).

Our frameworks include outcomes from all five domains of public policy (cultural, social, governance, economic and environmental), each with their own set of measures.  Cultural outcomes are often considered intangible and therefore have been considered immeasurable. Our Schema of Measurable Cultural Outcomes enable for the first time, contributions from the cultural domain of public life to be acknowledged and assessed using a systemised approach.

To get in touch with us please email or call: 0474 890 971.