Aesthetic enrichment experienced

Objective: Aesthetic enrichment to be experienced

Outcome: Aesthetic enrichment is experienced

Measure: Aesthetic enrichment experienced

Short description

By aesthetic enrichment, we mean an experience that comes through the senses that is special and outside the everyday. This might include being moved or challenged through feelings such as beauty, awe, discomfort, joy or wonder.

Provision of public access (whether restricted or not) to the cultural collection/s that are individually accessioned and recognised on the asset register of the organisation.

Includes: Books and other media for borrowing; books, newspapers, archives of media for on-site access and handling; artworks for loan or rental, items accessible on-line.

Public art built and displayed in public spaces in the municipality that are non-ephemeral. Including: Monuments, memorials, site-specific, included in collection and asset register.

New work commissioned by the organisation to be experienced in a public space and not forming part of the cultural collection or an exhibition. It can exist according to its natural life or for a pre-determined period and is not regarded as a cultural asset and is for public viewing or engagement. Including: Murals, temporary installations, site-specific artwork, pop-up performance or art. Excluding: Public art commissioned and acquired as part of a cultural collection, existing monuments or memorials, permanent works maintained by the organisation.

Displays of art or artefacts in galleries, museums, cinemas, libraries or outdoor areas; of all visual artforms.

A public occasion, especially one celebrating an event, achievement, or anniversary. This could include ritual observances and procedures required or performed for a formal occasion and/or an activity held to celebrate something. Including: ceremonies, commemorations and community gatherings that have a creative or cultural focus. Excluding: Festivals

Public presentations of all performing artforms, including music, (of all forms including opera, orchestral music and musical theatre), dance (of all forms from ballet to jazz to culturally specific styles), theatre (of all forms including circus and physical theatre, performance art, puppetry, comedy and other), performances of literary arts such as readings or poetry and other performances held in theatres, halls, open spaces or on temporary stages; including story times and public book readings in libraries.

Published material that is stand-alone, including creative writing publications, academic journal articles, novels, short stories, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, local histories, films, videos, including distribution or broadcast by radio, television or Internet such as website, podcast or streaming event etc.

Formal investigation into past, present or future activities that is documented and published or communicated in some form.  This can lead to development of new work and or presentation of new work, development of new activities or processes.