Creativity stimulated

Objective: Creativity to be stimulated

Outcome: Creativity is stimulated

Measure: Creativity stimulated

Short description

By creativity stimulated, we mean the sparking of imagination, creativity or curiosity that leads to a desire for creative expression.

These include the provision of local studio access for artists on a temporary basis, leasable studios for defined periods, whether applying competitively or not; and regional or international studio residency opportunities and exchanges.

New work commissioned by the organisation to be experienced in a public space and not forming part of the cultural collection or an exhibition. It can exist according to its natural life or for a pre-determined period and is not regarded as a cultural asset and is for public viewing or engagement. Including: Murals, temporary installations, site-specific artwork, pop-up performance or art. Excluding: Public art commissioned and acquired as part of a cultural collection, existing monuments or memorials, permanent works maintained by the organisation.

Events where a new idea or work is presented and explained to an audience.

Including: Lectures and Talks where information is presented and analysed;  Seminars: educational events that feature one or more experts delivering information primarily via lecture and discussion; Conferences: gathering of audiences receiving current information about industry trends and developments; Forums: a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Opportunities provided for arts participation by a community of people who would not normally have access to the mentoring, skills and tools that produce cultural outcomes leading to intended social or governance outcomes. Including: Activities where the intent is towards a community or social outcome by engagement in cultural activities, such as writing, performing, making etc. usually leading to events for the wider community or public presentations. Excluding: activities offered for those who seek or experience professional employment in the arts, and activities designed for educational or recreational purposes.

Opportunities provided for arts participation for people who would not necessarily consider themselves artists or artists-in-development. Including: Activities where the intent is purely for creative recreation, leisure and enjoyment. Excluding: activities offered for those who seek or experience professional employment in the arts and activities design for educational purposes; Public presentations where participants play no active role.

Public presentations of all performing artforms, including music, (of all forms including opera, orchestral music and musical theatre), dance (of all forms from ballet to jazz to culturally specific styles), theatre (of all forms including circus and physical theatre, performance art, puppetry, comedy and other), performances of literary arts such as readings or poetry and other performances held in theatres, halls, open spaces or on temporary stages; including story times and public book readings in libraries.

Activities for artists of all ages and levels to develop skills, share ideas and form networks, with professional development intent.

Including: scheduled events such as classes and training workshops where specialist technical knowledge is passed on, structured with specific topics of interest; programs in which advice and mentoring is provided to artists as individuals, or activities to broker new relationships between artists and audiences, sponsors or funders, etc. such as artists’ register. Excluding: activities designed for educational purposes and those offered for purely for creative recreation; Public presentations where participants play no active role.

Published material that is stand-alone, including creative writing publications, academic journal articles, novels, short stories, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, local histories, films, videos, including distribution or broadcast by radio, television or Internet such as website, podcast or streaming event etc.