CDN’s Outcomes Schema

The Measurable Outcomes have been developed to facilitate measurement of outcomes of cultural engagement, including arts participation.

The Measurable Outcomes enable the contributions of cultural engagement, often considered intangible and therefore immeasurable, to be assessed using a systemised approach. This, in turn, enables organisations to understand how effective they are being in achieving their objectives, thus contributing to evidence-based practice, which is increasingly required by funders and decision-makers.


  1. Creativity stimulated
  2. Aesthetic enrichment experienced
  3. Knowledge, ideas and insight gained 
  4. Diversity of cultural expression appreciated
  5. Sense of belonging to a shared cultural heritage deepened


  1. Wellbeing (physical &/or mental) improved
  2. Sense of safety and security increased
  3. Social connectedness enhanced
  4. Social differences bridged
  5. Feeling valued experienced


  1. Professional and/or practice capability increased
  2. Employment-enhancing skill development facilitated
  3. Individual economic wellbeing increased
  4. Local economy supported


  1. Positive sense of place (built and/or natural environment) enhanced
  2. Understanding of ecological issues increased
  3. Natural world valued
  4. Motivation for environmental stewardship increased


  1. Access to beneficial networks and other resources increased
  2. Agency and voice enabled
  3. Sense of civic pride enhanced
  4. Positive future inspired

How were the measurable outcomes developed?

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Please site this schema as: Dunphy, K & Smithies, J (2018). Outcome schema for cultural engagement. Melbourne: Cultural Development Network.