ALGA’s Arts and Culture Policy

The Australian Local Government Association’s  involvement in cultural development is based upon the following principles adopted by the 2004 National General Assembly for Local Government:

  • local government recognises that culture encompasses our diverse heritage and avenues of expression in the environment, leisure, work and daily life, architecture, arts, history, language and education that people use to express their fundamental character and aspirations
  • acknowledges that quality of life in communities can be improved through integrated cultural planning and development
  • supports the preservation, development and promotion of cultural services to provide personal, community and civic development
  • recognises cultural services include provision of libraries, museums, art galleries and performing arts centres, employment and provision of assistance to professional cultural workers, encouragement and promotion or development and implementation of cultural activities, and preservation of unique cultural activities
  • recognises cultural activities encompass the visual, performing and literary arts, social events and activities, educational activities leading to the development of cultural skills and knowledge, festivals, celebrations, commemorative events, community and urban planning and design, public art and cultural planning
  • recognises strategic cultural planning is a key initiative enabling local communities to respond to changing social, recreational, leisure and economic needs, and to address the increasing demand for cultural resources
  • recognises and respects cultural diversity by developing and promoting a range of cultural activities
  • recognises the rights of individuals and communities to determine their own cultural identity by promoting consultation and encouraging participation
  • supports conservation of cultural heritage and promotes innovation and creativity, recognising that the maintenance of a dynamic balance between the preservation of the old and the evolution of the new is the hallmark of a rich and productive culture
  • aims to increase its involvement in the support of local, regional and community museums and to achieve better communication with its state and Commonwealth funding partners in order to ensure that communities receive the best museum facilities and services available