Evidence about the cause or origins of the issue

We need evidence about the cause or origins of an issue, either in our area or elsewhere, that can inform us.

To begin the process of using evidence to inform planning, look first in your Council Plan or other strategic documents, as Council is likely to be paying attention to these issues.

For example, if Council is seeking to address issues about liveability in the LGA, strategic documents should include evidence about factors that contribute to greater or lesser liveability, and have contributed to the level of liveability or perceived liveability in the LGA.

This might include issues that are within the scope of the Cultural Development Department, such as activities that older adults can enjoy in their retirement, but also others that are outside our scope, for example, related to transport frequency, or availability of medical care.

If the Council Plan does not include information that is relevant to our scope, we might undertake some research that tells us about aspects of liveability¬†that are within our Department’s scope.