Agenda 21 for Culture

Agenda 21 for Culture – United Cities and Local Governments’ policy statement on cultural development LogoA21c_es

Agenda 21 for Culture is the first document with a worldwide mission to support the  cultural development role of cities and local governments. It was developed by the

Commission for Culture of United Cities and Local Governments (the international peak body for local government) in 2006  and adopted by the Executive Bureau of UCLG

It advocates culture as the ‘Fourth Pillar’ of sustainable development, adding a fourth dimension to the three already existing pillars of economic viability, social inclusion and environmental November 2010. Agenda21_e

The Cultural Development Network seek to promote this conception of cultural development as a significant role of local government in Victoria and Australia, and our activities focus around this goal.

Culture: Fourth Pillar of Sustainable Development – Policy Statement

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