Books & Journals

CDN has produced three books and two special journal editions that assist in our aim to promote cultural vitality in communities throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally.

Cultural Governance in a Global Context, 2019
Editors: Annick Schramme and Ian W. King.

This book explores the character of cultural governance of arts and cultural institutions in eight countries across five continents. Examining strategy and decision making at an organisational level, this is the first empirical contribution on cultural policy and management, revealing how it is applied across the globe in otherwise unexplored countries. CDN has contributed the chapter on governance in Australia in which the five Measurable Cultural Outcomes are outlined and their implications for governance are explored.



Making Culture Count : the Politics of Cultural Measurement, 2015
Editors: Lachlan MacDowall, Marnie Badham, Emma Blomkamp and Kim Dunphy.

Making Culture Count brings together diverse perspectives from scholars, policy-makers and creative practitioners to explore the burgeoning field of cultural measurement and its political implications.

This special edition: ‘Regenerating Community: Arts, Community and Governance’ of RMIT’s journal features keynote presentations, peer-reviewed and practitioner articles based on presentations made at the ReGenerating Community: Arts, Community and Governance National Conference 2009

This edition of the UNESCO Observatory, University of Melbourne, e-Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research in the Arts was produced on the topic of ‘Creative Local Communities: Cultural Vitality and Human Rights’.
Co-edited by CDN staff members Kim Dunphy and John Smithies, it features articles of interest from all around the world.

North Richmond Community Health Centre, Department of Human Services Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, and the Cultural Development Network.
This book celebrates the creative collaborative work of residents, artists and organisations on public housing estates across Victoria since 1999.

Jon Hawkes for the Cultural Development Network, published by Common Ground
Our most important research work and policy platform frames culture as the ‘fourth pillar’ of public policy.